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I believe I can fly…or at least run. January 9, 2012

Posted by mareserinitatis in personal.
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I mentioned recently that I’d signed up to do a 10k in May.  Today, I completed a step in that direction: I finished the couch-to-5k program I started back in October.  It took two weeks longer than expected due to knee issues and illness, but I made it.  This means that I can run for 30 minutes solid, but in my case, that’s not enough to finish a 5k.

Since it was my last run on the program and the weather outside was gorgeous (50 degrees….in January…I’m serious), I decided to do try my hand at jogging outside.

There are several differences: my legs got tired in different places, I only need moderately upbeat music to keep my distracted (versus the treadmill, which requires a very special set of VERY upbeat music), and my asthma started acting up immediately.  I also noticed, when finished, that the GPS in my iPhone doesn’t work when the phone is against my body (damn antenna detuning).

My solution to the last two is to begin using my Garmin Forerunner.  It has GPS, and I suspect that keeping an eye on my heart rate will help me gauge whether my exertion level is inappropriate.  My asthma likely started because I was pushing myself too hard.  After all, the allergens here are pretty few in number right now because even if it’s warm, it’s still January.

I’m giving myself a week with shorter workouts and then jumping to the Bridge to 10k program.  Wish me luck!


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