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If North Dakota wants to provide a quality education… January 18, 2011

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Like most states, North Dakota provides a significant chunk of funding for the universities. This means that, unlike most states, North Dakota’s universities aren’t suffering huge budget cuts because North Dakota is about the only state in the black right now.

On the other hand, our new governor has an awesome new idea for educational reform. According to


1. Amy Blakeley - January 18, 2011

Agreed! You should send this to the legislature as it would get them thinking about some key issues regarding this proposal. I can also say that I’ve had a similar experience here at Cornell as compared to NDSU as you did with the UofMN. I’ve actually been hired as a tutor for gen chem.

The real problem with graduation rates is the number of remedial classes that students have to take because they are unprepared out of high school. Teachers are having to focus on the lower performing students at the expense of the higher performing students. I’ve also found that there are a number of parents who aren’t holding their children responsible making it challenging for them to succeed when they are on their own.


2. mareserinitatis - January 18, 2011

I concur. Really, if they want to do something to help graduation rates, it ought to focus more on how to improve high school instruction and curriculum.


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4. Fluxor - January 18, 2011

Here’s what I take away from the article. The governor has thrown out a couple of examples for performance metrics, but he’s also said, quoting the article, “a critical part of his recommendation is to involve campus leaders in establishing the performance measures to find measurements that can’t be abused.” He also wants to take this one step at a time.

Sounds like a reasonable approach.


mareserinitatis - January 18, 2011

I could see how this is a desirable metric. I think it will depend, however, on the implementation. If it means instituting a whole bunch of programs to help with retention, is the state willing to pay for them? My experience is, probably not. 🙂

ND has a very strange relationship with its universities: they like them, they are the main employer, but like most states, they don’t actually want to pay for them.


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