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Things that annoy me… August 13, 2010

Posted by mareserinitatis in career.
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It’s my birthday, so I’m taking today to do something completely and totally self-absorbed: I’m going to bitch about things that people do or have done in work or grad school that have pissed me off. Keep in mind that this is completely gratuitous and very incomplete.

• I can’t stand when people make a big deal out of doing their job, acting as if doing what they were hired to do is hugely difficult, a stretch to their intelligence, and a huge burden on their time.

• I hate it when people complain about having to correct their own mistakes. I hate it when people do something wrong and knowingly give you it to you anyway, and then get upset because you ask them to correct their mistakes.

• I detest people who yell at you. I detest people who won’t communicate basic information with you. I abhor when the same person will do both.

• I can’t tolerate people who are condescending. It’s bad enough when they are smarter or more knowledgeable than you are. It’s horrid when they have absolutely no clue that you know a lot more than they do, especially if they are clueless to the fact that you’ve realized how stupid they are. And the worst is when they are your supervisor.

• I hate when people bring smelly food into the office/their desk to eat. Especially when there are rooms designated for cooking and eating.

I think I covered about a decade of my biggest complaints about people. I feel much better.



1. Fluxor - August 13, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (sorry for yelling)


mareserinitatis - August 13, 2010

I’m wondering if Chris is right about this filter business. 😉



2. Strigiformes - August 14, 2010

Happy Birthday!


mareserinitatis - August 16, 2010



3. FrauTech - August 15, 2010

Oh yes, the condescension, and for no reason. Great list, though it sounds like it could be “Things that annoy me…” today. Not all inclusive at all 🙂


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