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Macrocat bows (or sits) to peer pressure June 9, 2014

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I’m sure that my name in dog language can be translated as “giver of tasty treats.” While Mike is “provider of kibble,” the dogs know that when I’m in the kitchen, something tasty is likely to magically appear on the floor. (While this is usually voluntary, there have been a lot of occasions where it was not.)

The down side of this is that any time I have food in my hands, they flank me until I stop moving, and then they show off their awesome sitting and laying down skills. Gigadog is particularly bad when I have bananas. We think she’s really a gorilla in a dog suit: she can hear a banana peeling through closed doors.

This morning, I had a banana and they immediately implemented their “immobilize and beg” routine. However, Macrocat saw them sitting and decided he would help. You see, he’s realized the dogs do this when there is food nearby, and sometimes that food might be tuna. Unfortunately, he wasn’t impressed with his piece of banana as he just attempted to bury it with imaginary hardwood flooring-derived sand, but the dogs were happy to take care of it for him.


Wordless Wednesday:BFFs May 7, 2014

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Not so wordless wednesday October 9, 2013

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I know the premise behind wordless wednesday: just post a picture!  If there’s any text, it should be in the title, right?

I couldn’t do it today because this picture was so doggone (ha!) cute.  I had a couple possible titles, so I will give both to you as well as give you the opportunity to provide your own.

Here’s the picture:


I was originally going to title it, “The Grumpy Old Men club.”  Both Teradog and Macrocat are ‘old men’ and we frequently make jokes about Teradog’s barking being the equivalent of, “Get off my lawn, you kids!”  And Macrocat is slowly becoming senile, though we love him very much.

But looking at the picture again, I thought of a funnier title: “Macrocat teaches Teradog how to become Monorail Dog.”  But maybe that’s only funny if you like cat memes.

Anyway…if you have a better suggestion for a caption, I’d love to hear it.  In the meantime, I think that look means I better go scratch behind some fuzzy ears.  It’s funny how a mournful look and a scowl can mean exactly the same thing…

Happy Birthday, Gigadog! February 2, 2013

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Gigadog, aka Her Royal Fuzziness, had her second birthday this past week.  Sadly, the pet store discontinued the carob and peanut butter cakes so she had to settle for yogurt-frosting oatmeal cookies with red sprinkles.

Since I know you’re dying to see what two-year old Gigadog looks like, here she is, snuggling with Macrocat:

Gigadog snuggles Macrocat

Gigadog snuggles Macrocat

Academic Year Wrap-Up June 1, 2011

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Do you really need a test to tell I'm a cat?!

The boys have both finished up school, but they are both doing some academic work outside of school. They should both have that done by the end of June…but at least all the school-related craziness is done. (The CAT exam is for the younger boy, not the cat.) May is always so crazy because of all the running around to different end-of-year activities.

We had a good Memorial Day weekend…for the most part. I even managed to go into work and spend a whole day, uninterrupted, on dissertation work. Other stuff we did:

We spent some time with each other.

We spent some time getting to know Picopig.

We spent some time on our hobbies and shooting the breeze.

And the breeze shot back…at approximately 72 mph.  Fortunately, the swingset was our only major damage…a few friends still have no power.

And the big news from the weekend is that Gigadog passed her STAR Puppy exam.  Starting this week, she gets to join the next level obedience class where we get to do some fun things like jumping through big hoops and over bars.

Gigadog update May 24, 2011

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Gigadog continues to grow, and my fear of some sort of injury from trying to keep a 40+ pound puppy in check keeps growing.

Her manners are improving: rather than laying on the cats and nipping at them, she’s just laying on them (mostly).

(Gigadog laying on Macrocat.)

She’s also working on her communication skills.  This is her, listening to Mike.

Yes, she’s still brown – the contrast on the video was pretty bad.

And finally, her favorite pass time seems to be eating dirt.

My own physics LOLcats April 12, 2011

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I posted this picture a long time ago on my old blog, but decided to move it here as a LOLcat.

Microcat is tunneling

Textbook destruction February 17, 2011

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There are two books generally used for classes on antenna theory: Stutzman and Thiele or Balanis.  They’re both awesome books.  S&T doesn’t cover as many topics, but I find it’s easier to understand right out of the chute.  Balanis seems to make a better reference.  While we seem to use both books fairly regularly, I haven’t had the inclination to get the most recent copy of Balanis, so we’re still putzing around with the second edition.

Mike was talking to Layne, one of the undergrads who works for him.  Mike mentioned that our copy of S&T recently fell victim to Macrocat’s bladder issues.  Layne responded, “Ouch!  That’s $150!  It would’ve been better if he hit Balanis because you can get a second edition of that for $40.”

Somehow, I don’t think we’re going to be able to convince the cat to take cost into consideration when he’s wrecking our stuff.  On the other hand, I think I would’ve preferred if he’d hit Balanis because then I’d have an excuse to upgrade.

So what weird ways have your textbooks been destroyed?


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