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One of the most accomplished scientists in history December 30, 2010

Posted by mareserinitatis in feminism, science.
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Mike saw this in the January 2011 Scientific American and had to tell me about it. It’s from the 50, 100, and 150 Years Ago column.

The Brilliant Curie

“We cannot help feeling that in this advanced age, in such a center of enlightenment as Paris, and where a scientist of such brilliant performance as Madame Curie is concerned, this discussion as to whether she is eligible for admission to the French Academy of Sciences is altogether deplorable. When science comes to the matter of bestowing its rewards, it should be blind to the mere accident of sex; and one does not have to be an enthusiast on the subject of the extension of the rights and privileges of her sex, to feel that here is a woman who, by her brilliant achievement, has won the right to take her place with her compeers in the Academy.” After much political maneuvering, the Academie denied Curie a seat.



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