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Linkety link: the slightly tipsy edition January 2, 2011

Posted by mareserinitatis in Fargo, links.
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I was recently informed that Fargo is the Second Drunkest City in the US. I’m blaming it on the huge college student population. (Fargo/Moorhead is home to NDSU, MSUM, and Concordia.) Either that or people can’t find anything else to do in the winter.

Of course, according to an article in our local paper, the drinking seems to be an issue year-round (or catching drunken driving is), making it dubious as to whether this is the fault of the college population.

Given the lack of local breweries, our drinking probably isn’t very ecologically friendly, either, due to the transportation costs. However, if most of the alcohol is in cans, maybe that offsets things a bit.



1. Charles J Gervasi - January 2, 2011

In Wisconsin we do drink a lot of local beer. That’s part of how we got to be #1 on the list.


mareserinitatis - January 4, 2011

But I’m not sure about cause and effect: do you drink a lot of beer because you have local breweries, or do you have local breweries causing people to drink a lot of beer?


2. FrauTech - January 3, 2011

I like the cold winter theory as well. Maybe that’s how it starts but addiction keeps it going year round.


mareserinitatis - January 4, 2011

Probably. I hope to never find out myself, though.


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