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Now I’m ready to start January 4, 2011

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I mentioned that I wasn’t making any resolutions this year, but I’m putting together a plan. Part of the planning process is coming up with a theme for the year. I have to tell you that I really stink at that sort of thing. I’ve been reading about other people’s themes with envy. How can one think of a single word (or two) to describe a year?

On the other hand, I know where I’m going with this. The past three years have been utter choas with me finishing my MS, my husband finishing his PhD, me going to grad school in Minneapolis. Things have been left up in the air…important things…or nearly everything.

Chris talked about asking what he wanted out of life. That was a good starting point for me. I can certainly identify with relationships suffering because of work. But it was Luke’s post about giving up on adoption that brought things home for me.

I want to find a better balance in life, and to do so means not figuring out all the things I will get done, but figuring out what I will leave behind. And so while looking at my list of objectives for the year and the list of projects I’ve been cooking up, I think I really need to prioritize. Not everything is going to get done, but there’s something I really want out of the things I do finish: I want a sense of completion. I really want that sense of accomplishment that comes from going start to finish on something. So many things are hanging in the balance, and I feel like I should clear some of those things out to make room for the next things. I think focusing more and getting things out of the way will really help the out-of-balance feeling I’ve had. It comes from not ever feeling like I could make significant progress on anything either because of time constraints or physical absence. So my theme this year will be completion. If I’m going to do something, I need to complete it before doing the next thing, which means I have to back off from my ‘try to do everything at once mode’. I think the lack of focus due to too many balls in the air is the reason I haven’t made good progress on things that are very important to me. May this year be a step in sorting those things out and following them to fruition.



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