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A cute, little blonde January 19, 2011

Posted by mareserinitatis in feminism.
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With our weather turning bitterly cold (waking up to -15°F, before windchill, qualifies as bitter in my book), discussion has turned toward apparel.

Well, that, and we had some colleagues visiting.

One of my coworkers commented on my apparel, apparently failing to notice that the only difference was that I was wearing slacks instead of jeans. I informed him that my primary consideration in dressing was warmth. There was some chitchat back and forth about how cold tends to invalidate even the most fashion conscious among us, except, I noted, “the cute, little blondes running around on campus in flip-flops.”

Yes, I have seen many young women running around campus without socks in this sort of weather. Usually they are also about to hack up a lung, which is really uncute. It boggles the mind. However, even more boggling was the comment that came from my coworker:

“Well, at least one cute, little blonde was raised to dress warmly.”

ETA: Since this apparently wasn’t clear, the person he was referring to was me. And it annoyed me.



1. Charles J Gervasi - January 19, 2011

I don’t believe in coats for everyday use. I get a lot of criticism from strangers on the street about this. If it’s zero or below, I sometimes wear a balaclava, but I rarely wear a coat.

My face is a thermal resistor to ambient with a low degrees/watt resistance. My long-sleeve shirt is a higher resistor. Putting a Columbia on over my shirt will increase its resistance further, but the effects of the low thermal resistance of my face in parallel predominate. Even if the thermal resistance of my coat were infinite, it could never address other thermal leaks from my face and other thinly-covered areas.


mareserinitatis - January 20, 2011

Have to agree with Flux: it’s more important to keep organs like the heart and kidneys warm. When people get hypothermia, even if rescued, they can often still die if cold blood from the extremities enters the heart and causes shock.


2. Fluxor - January 19, 2011

Charles, you think too much. I just wear whatever makes me warm. 🙂 But if I were to expand your analogy a little more, your body isn’t a solid mass that has zero thermal resistance from head to toe. What’s important in keeping good health is your core body temperature so that your organs can function properly. The thermal resistance from your core to ambient is lowest through the front and back of your torso — large surface areas; low resistance. Hence, most people prefer jackets. The thermal leak through your head isn’t as bad as you make it out to be. There’s a thermal series resistance through head, neck, and upper torso before reaching your body core. I’m betting the thermal resistance of your torso to ambient, even with a shirt on, is less than that of your torso through your head.

Cherish, who’s the warm cute, little blonde, btw? And what’s her thermal resistance?


mareserinitatis - January 20, 2011

Actually, that was the point of the post: he was referring to me…which was, if you’ll excuse the pun, not cool.


Fluxor - January 20, 2011

Oh! I was boggled too because it’s hard to tell you’re blonde judging by your profile picture.


mareserinitatis - January 20, 2011

I’m a ‘sunlight’ blonde. I have dark hair that tends to get light over the summer…so the top of my hair is dark and gets lighter as you go down. I’ve never been sure what color to call it, but most people call say that I’m blonde. (Especially my dad after I’ve done something stupid.)


Charles J Gervasi - January 20, 2011

Was he an older person who thinks he can get away with stating what other people only think to themselves?


mareserinitatis - January 20, 2011

He’s an older person who never seems to realize he’s stuck his foot in his mouth. He’s not the kind of person who means anything negative by it, but sometimes I’m shocked that he doesn’t seem to understand when he’s said something totally wrong. (I know engineers are fairly clueless, but he’s bad even by an engineer’s standards.)


3. FrauTech - January 22, 2011

Yeah some of my nicer work outfits are what I wear when I’m cold as well, a fancy sweater of a collared shirt, double layers keep me warm. Time to dye your hair I think 😉


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