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Linkety link January 23, 2011

Posted by mareserinitatis in links.

What defines good communication skills? – hint, it’s probably not a universal constant

Plumber Envy – FrauTech ponders what it is that creates job satisfaction

Horror-Scoped Phil Plait shows a fantastic graphic displaying the results of a study indicating that there really isn’t much different between astrological signs.

Flight of the Concorde – Summary of the history of the Concorde jets. Jets are cool. Supersonic speeds are cool. Supersonic jets are just plain awesome.

2010 updates to model data comparisons – an update on how real climate compares with models designed to forecast how it changes.

Print your own flute – We may not be able to print our own die in-house yet, but they can make musical instruments…

As strong as glass – An introduction to molecular structure in glass and metal along with some results on making metallic glass.

Has a infectious cancer doomed Tasmanian Devils to extinction? – Maybe, but there are attempts to build a “Noah’s ark” for them elsewhere.

Careful out there! – Snow shoveling can be dangerous, but is apparently not as dangerous as sledding…

Organic milk provides more consistent nutrition across seasons



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