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Engineering salaries and Smith charts January 28, 2011

Posted by mareserinitatis in career, engineering.
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We’ve had a series of posts about engineering salaries over at EngineerBlogs.org. I threw my hat in the ring, discussing potential earnings for academic engineers. Chris talked about getting the best starting salary. FrauTech did a wonderful, graph-filled post on job outlooks for engineers. (Visuals are always yummy.)

Fluxor hasn’t weighed in yet. (I imagine we’ll hear from him tomorrow.) In the meantime, if you don’t want to hear about salaries, he does have a very cool post on Smith charts.

What I’d really like to see is someone representing engineering salaries on Smith charts. Maybe we can turn the benefits into the imaginary component (or maybe that’s just me being cynical).

Either way, go read and have fun.



1. FrauTech - January 28, 2011

Well I guess you could just take your own salary history and change it from the time domain to the s-domain, right? But if the Smith chart goes to infinity I’m not sure how visible it’d be.


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