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Places to go March 7, 2011

Posted by mareserinitatis in links.

This week’s Engineer Blogs post is up: it’s about engineering an inclusive classroom.

Last week, we all discussed our favorite classes. My favorites were Paul Clarke’s and Miss Outlier’s.  You can also read mine, Fluxor’s, Chris’, as well as an introductory post by Peter Francis, our new guest blogger.

Finally, two posts that you might want to read that are unrelated to engineer blogs:

Ron Amundson wrote a post on accountability in education and how that seems to affect goals like educational outcome.

GEARS wrote a post on finding graduate students.  His approach is great, and if I were looking to go into Mech. Eng., I’d totally want to be his student.  😀



1. GEARS - March 8, 2011

Thanks. It seems to have worked well during my presentation. The students were somewhat shocked that I would openly say “this is the agreement”.

From the students I’ve advised so far, it is difficult to meet that agreement (on both sides).

I also do Optics and EE stuff if you’re interested 😀


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