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I need a brick wall March 24, 2011

Posted by mareserinitatis in research.

Sometimes, when I’m stuck on something, I’ll go and ask my husband about it.  Usually, he doesn’t have to say anything: in the process of explaining things and formulating the question, I’ll figure out where the problem in my thinking is.  He may ask questions and nod, but he doesn’t usually have to give me a lot of input.  Because of this, I will sometimes call him my brick wall, as in I need to talk to a brick wall.

I love the conversation we had tonight, though.

Me: Can I ask you a question?

Him: Yeah?

Me: Ooooh! Okay. Never mind.

Him: Glad I could help.



1. elektroacoustics - March 25, 2011

You’re not alone, but I’m glad someone else has noticed this.

I had a colleague called Mike I used to go to, he’d say hi, stammer a few times trying to get a word in edge ways whilst I’d complain very rapidly about what’s not working, I’d slap myself as the penny would drop, swear at myself , say thanks mike & walk off to fix the problem leaving a dazed & confused mike!



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