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Only 39.5 feet April 7, 2011

Posted by mareserinitatis in Fargo.
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The news, before we had some rainshowers this morning, was that the Red may only hit 39.5 feet when it crests.


This could be the third highest crest in over a century, and we’re all relieved that it’s not going to be first…even though, in reality, they’re saying it could be up to 41 feet, which would put it in first place.

I was driving around yesterday, and the river is flooded pretty badly.  I saw someone’s chicken coop mostly underwater, and there are a lot of houses that look like they’re in danger.  At that point, it was at 32 feet, so it still has about 7 feet to go.  Now it’s up to 35 feet, 12 hours later.

In the meantime, someone took a video of the Oak Grove campus today.  Oak Grove suffered damage in ’97 and added a permanent diking system around the school.  A couple years ago, during the record flood, there was a problem and the diking system failed.  Let’s hope it holds out this year.  The video was taken was the water was still four feet below the crest:



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