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Pictures of the Red River April 9, 2011

Posted by mareserinitatis in Fargo.
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I took a walk to North Broadway to get some pictures of the flood.  This is about a mile from my house, a place I go often because my favorite biking trail is here.  Currently, however, it’s submerged.

This is near where the trail starts.  As you can see, they don’t want people walking on the dikes.  To the left, off camera, is a lift station.  While we were there, a Fargo City worker came to check on things.

The New York Times also had an interesting article on the different types of flood fighting measures they’re using this year, reducing reliance on sandbags.

This is a trapbag dike on the road between Trollwood Park and North Broadway.  The road is closed to traffic because erosion has eliminated the structural integrity of the bank.  They used to try to maintain the bank, but abandoned it a few years ago.

This picture shows you a path that used to travel along the bank, giving you some idea of how much erosion has occurred.  Also, so that you realize how much water is here, the bank slopes normally drop down about 20 feet and there is an almost flat area right next to the river where people go to fish during the summer.  The whole slope is under water now.

This is the bike path, and it follows the road, turning to the right about where the barricades are.

If the barricade isn’t enough of a deterrent, a curving road underwater ought to be.

You can see two paths through the trees.  The path on the right is where the river normally flows, and the path on the left is the road with a bridge to the Minnesota side.

You can see the barricades on the Minnesota side of the river through the trees.  And the houses on the left are normally a good ten feet above the road.

I’m hoping to go out tomorrow and take more pictures at a different location, but that will depend on time and accessibility.  No one seems to mind people taking pictures, but it’s hard to get to a place where you can take good pictures without climbing a dike.



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