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One year (plus a bit) July 15, 2011

Posted by mareserinitatis in meta.

Earlier in the month marked my first full year at this blog space.  I have to say that moving to wordpress was a good idea, although there are some drawbacks.  Primary, of course, is the loss of readership.  It did seem like the discussions were more interactive on livejournal.  But that was before they started their new advertising policy.

On the other hand, it seems like whatever I initially lost has come back, especially with the start of EngineerBlogs.  I have to admit that blogging in two places has generated a bit more work, especially when I’m running low on interesting topics.  Aside from more engineers reading this blog, I also see a lot more people interested in education, especially math and gifted education, as well as dog lovers.  Of course, there are still a lot of people looking for information on antennas…and the few strays who are looking for cute blondes or tushes.

Also, I have been rather remiss in keeping my blogroll up to date.  If you would like me to include your blog, please let me know in the comments.

Anyway, here’s to the first year, and hoping there will be many more.

Now you’ll have to excuse me while I go get an iced tea to celebrate.  It’s been rather warm here lately.



1. FrauTech - July 15, 2011

Yeah I keep debating switching to wordpress. Blogspot can’t handle comments (apparently). Guess I’ll just keep thinking about it for a while. I see Gigadog is adorably parked in front of the fan. TechCat does this as well, sometimes she starts sniffing the air and smiling (as cats smile) and looking rather pleased.


mareserinitatis - July 19, 2011

Having used LJ, Google/blogger, and WordPress, I’d say that I liked wordpress the most and LJ second. Wasn’t crazy about blogger.

Gigadog gets overheated so easily…I can’t wait until summer is over. The instructor was trying to convince me to sign her up for an August class…right after talking about how important it is to prevent heat stroke in dogs. She suggested taking her to get her coat blown by the groomer…and then I had to explain that she’d just blown her baby coat, and this was about as good as it was going to get…


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