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Driving with the younger son July 26, 2011

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This weekend, we took a trip to Minneapolis for the U2 concert.  In case you weren’t aware, tickets went on sale for this 1 1/2-2 years ago.  The concert was supposed to happen last summer, but Bono hurt his back, and it ended up being postponed.

I plan on writing a bit more about the concert itself…including some science!  But I’m tired so I’ll just tell you about the beginning of the trip.

The older son is off visiting family elsewhere, so it was just Mike, myself, and the younger son.  About fifteen minutes before we were to leave, the song Vapor Trail by Rush popped into my head.  It’s a great song, particularly the rhythm.  On the other hand, it has some of the most depressing lyrics I’ve ever heard in a song.

The younger son has either been a Rush fan since he was in utero or he has a pretty strong genetic predisposition to liking their music.  Mike owns several of their albums and has seen them in concert twice.  I’ve seen them three times, in approximately 8 year intervals.  I’m hoping they’re still touring in 2018 when I will probably have the opportunity to see them again.  At least that’s my prediction based on the current time series.

Back to the younger son, Vapor Trail has been one of his favorite songs for at least half of his life.  As evidence, this is him singing the song at four years old.  Before I pulled out the camera, he was doing his best Eyore impression, but he decided to get serious.  His brother is reminding him of the lyrics.

Wouldn’t you know it, fifteen minutes down the road, we had this conversation.

“Mom, are we listening to the radio?”

“No, my iPod.”

“Can we listen to Vapor Trail?”

At least this trip, we only had to listen to it fewer than half a dozen times.

About 45 minutes later, we’re driving through an area of the interstate surrounded by trees.

“Mom!  I saw a sign for an impala.”


“Yeah, impalas jump!”

Apparently, what he saw was a deer crossing sign, and because it was an impala-ish looking thing that jumped, it must be an impala.  I can’t say I would have come up with that one myself.



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