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Lego/engineer August 28, 2011

Posted by mareserinitatis in engineering, family, older son, younger son.

We were in Minneapolis earlier today, and we made a point to stop by the Lego store in the Mall of America.  I normally just get Legos for the kids when we’re there, but this time, I couldn’t resist.  I saw a huge model of the space shuttle and decided that, since the shuttle has now been decommissioned, I needed to have that Lego set for myself.

A short while later, I was walking around with the box.  The younger boy had chosen his kit, and we were standing there trying to find the older boy.  We must’ve been looking confused because a staff member walked up to us.  She looked at the younger boy and said, “You get TWO sets?!”  He started shaking his head, and I said, “Well, actually, the space shuttle one is for me.”  She flashed me a smile and gave me a high five.

I guess a lot of moms don’t buy themselves Legos.

A short bit later, I was signing up for a ‘frequent buyer’ type card when it came up that I was an engineer.  The cashier’s eyes got big.  “Really?!  You’re an engineer?  That’s awesome.”  I was then treated to another high five.

It’s a bit funny, but this is so different from the reaction I usually get to the news that I am an engineer or scientist.  I certainly wish more people responded with this much enthusiasm.  And I’m glad to see that my son got to see some positive reactions to the fact that his mom is an engineer who likes to build with Legos.



1. Miss MSE (@MissMSE) - August 29, 2011

My mom definitely buys herself lots of Legos. We’ve also been informed we don’t get ours back so she can be the cool grandma (also to avoid arguments over who gets what…). I guess I just have to start rebuilding my collection.


mareserinitatis - August 29, 2011

Unfortunately, I get the feeling we’re going to be dealing with that one. The older one ‘rediscovered’ them after the younger one became interested, and they’ve each been staking out their own sets. I do still have a lot of ‘general’ blocks that neither are interested in, so I imagine I’ll get to keep those. 🙂


2. clareflourish - August 30, 2011

If you want a positive reaction for your son, show him this. I think it is wonderful that you are an engineer who likes lego.


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