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You were paying attention! September 12, 2011

Posted by mareserinitatis in math, older son.
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My older boy came up to me last night.  He was working on an algebra problem, and he said he thought the book had an error.

He was right.  When I looked at the solution, it turned out they had only used some of the information given, while the other part was ignored.  Turned out that if you used the other part, you got contradictory information.  He could have chosen to use part of it, but looked at all of it and found an error.

“Good job!” I said.  “Obviously you were paying attention.”

He thought I was joking.  I wasn’t.  I’m proud of him for looking at all of the information and not making any assumptions…especially when it’s a subject he really doesn’t like and could have just written down and answer and been done with it.



1. poprice - September 12, 2011

Within the last week, our 5 yo has caught not one but TWO errors in mass-market homeschool workbooks. Mistakes happen, but it’s great when young minds catch the errors!


2. Alex - September 17, 2011

You know, this is why I really like how one of my university profs gives bonus marks when you catch mistakes he accidentally makes in quiz/exam questions. It’s a great way to encourage paying attention in my opinion. I think education systems often don’t encourage paying attention enough.


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