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Conservation of mass of doggie toys November 8, 2011

Posted by mareserinitatis in pets.
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Today is a busy day for me, so posting will be light.  However, I have a problem with which I could use some help.

When I came home last night, I found the above TireBiter and pieces in Gigadog’s kennel.  Apparently, she was so bored that she decided to chew through it.  However, I’m concerned about whether or not she ingested any of the pieces she chewed off.  Anyone have any idea how to tell if the above pieces would fit back into the hole?

The problem is that I can’t just calculate the surface area as that’s been changed under compression (i.e. by chewing them).  I also can’t go back to the store and weigh another one and compare that to the total mass of the remaining tire and pieces.  It originally had a rope out the side, which she chewed through on a previous occasion.

So any ideas you have would be helpful, minus following her around with a pooper scooper and examining the remains.  Also, if you can figure out how to get her to chew on bones, that would be appreciated, too…those seem to last a lot longer.



1. karifur - November 8, 2011

I wouldn’t worry too much about the pieces – there is enough of the chewed bits left that if she did ingest any, it would be a small enough amount that it will pass through her. I would have been more worried if there was a large piece missing because that might have become lodged somewhere.
As far as getting her to chew on bones, I would suggest that bones are the only thing you put in the kennel with her – no other toys. Try different shapes of bones, different “flavors”, etc, until you find one that she likes. When she stayed with us she enjoyed chewing on the ones that look like this: http://www.petco.com/product/115658/Red-Barn-Naturals-Bully-Filled-Bone-Dog-Chew.aspx?CoreCat=OnSiteSearch
(Not that exact brand but you get the idea) We buy them at the grocery store – they’re usually in a display by the meat department.


mareserinitatis - November 8, 2011

I figured we were probably okay…but I’m surprised she’d really chew through it.

I think I’ll have to go back to throwing bones in her cage. (I used to be able to get these awesome ones at Natural Pet Center, but they seem to have dicontinued them.) Also have an antler. She doesn’t seem to like to chew on things that are hard, but apparently it’s not safe to give her anything she can deconstruct. 😛


karifur - November 8, 2011

Natural Pet Center has a great line of toys by Westpaw called (I think) zogoflex. My friend Nichole told me about them – she does pitbull rescue, and it’s the only toy she’s found that can almost hold its own against a pittie. Plus they will replace it for free (one time) if your dog destroys it. I suggest you look into it – the last time I was at NPC they were on one of the tower displays near the front door.


2. anon - November 8, 2011

While I agree with the commentor above (it doesn’t seem like she ate enough to be a problem based on visual inspection), here’s what I would do to solve for a mass:

(1) Find the angle subtended by the chewed off area, and cut that out of the toy (hacksaw?). (2) Cut a piece from a more pristine section of the toy of equal angle to the chewed bit. (3) Compare weight difference from chewed and un-chewed toy pieces to the weight of the remnants. (4) Decide on a mass threshold for “dangerous”, and take dog to vet as appropriate.


mareserinitatis - November 8, 2011

Aha! Excellent Idea. Guess I got too stuck in my head that I couldn’t somehow figure it out without looking at an intact toy.

And yeah…she seems to be fine. But until I’d gotten all the pieces, I was worried.


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