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Versatile Blogger January 8, 2012

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Thanks to GeekMommyProf, who was kind enough to nominate me for a versatile blogger award!

I guess I should start with the rules:

1) Nominate 15 fellow bloggers
2) Inform the Bloggers of their nomination
3) Share 7 random things about yourself
4) Thank the blogger who nominated you
5) Post the award badge.

So we’ll start with the bloggers.  Some of the ones I would’ve nominated have been taken, so you only get 11.

1 – Design. Build. Play  by FrauTech

2 – Life as an Outlier by Miss Outlier

3 – Periodic Boundary Conditions by Miss MSE

4 – GEARS by GEARS (of course)

5 – Mommy/Prof by Mommyprof

6 – 27and a PhD

7 – Scientist Rising

8-The Expanding Life

9 – Abbi Reads

10 – Skulls in the Stars

11 – Athene Donald’s Blog

Random facts:

1 – The shortest I’ve ever had my hair is shoulder length, and I hated it.

2 – I had to laugh at GMP’s comment that she is the runt at 6′.  I’m the tallest woman in my family at 5’4″.

3 – My only time outside the US was one horrible trip to Tijuana.

4 – My favorite food is peaches, but I can’t eat them because they make me sick.

5 – I lost my last baby tooth when I was 34.  Rather forcibly.

6 – I’ve been friends with one person for 19 years over the internet and I’ve never met him in person.  (Though not for lack of trying.)

7 – My favorite flower is the Gardenia.  (You know, in case you ever want to send me a bouquet or something…)



1. Versatility Coefficient « Design. Build. Play. - January 9, 2012

[…] fellow engineer and internet colleague Cherish the Scientist nominated me as a part of a versatile blogger meme. Now doesn’t that just make me feel […]


2. Fluxor - January 20, 2012

What was wrong with Tijuana?


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