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And now they’re gone… February 18, 2012

Posted by mareserinitatis in career, engineering, research, work.

Thursday was the last day for our colleagues who’d been laid off.  Early in the week, we were trying to figure out what to do for the people in our group when the admin sent out an announcement – they were having a staff appreciation lunch to give everyone a chance to say goodbye.

I was glad they hosted the lunch as it seemed like a nice last gesture.  However, part way through, I got so depressed about it that I had to leave and opted not to say goodbye to anyone.  I’m not very good at that sort of thing.

This has been hard for two reasons.  First, after an awful two years, I came here with the intention of only working for about six months to pay some tuition and then be done.  I ended up fitting pretty well with everyone, and it was so nice to work with people who were friendly and communicative…not what I’d been dealing with the two years prior.  For the most part, we all got along and clicked well, and I began to enjoy my work again. After my six months was up, I was told I could stay, so I did.  And now some of these people, who helped me get on my feet again, are being sent away.

Second, and worse in a way, the news about my research got around and hit relevant industry journals and even some popular press all over the world.  Over the past two weeks, I’ve been inundated with calls and emails.  It seems so unfair that things can be going so well for me when we’re in the middle of laying people off.  I can only hope that the positive press will lead to more funding opportunities so that I can help make sure no one else has to leave.

But now, hopefully, the worst is over.  At least I won’t have to sit here and dread when people will be gone because it’s over.  I’ll still probably feel rather sad every time I walk past people’s old desks and wonder what they’re up to.



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