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Cap’n, I believe we have some cling-ons February 27, 2012

Posted by mareserinitatis in research.
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Recently, someone was promoting some of my work to hir colleagues.  I was very flattered until, near the end, when they shifted gears and started talking about another person and how their work relates to mine.

Except…it doesn’t.

I don’t think this person was trying to cut me down, but somehow it seemed like they were at least trying to hype up this other person, potentially attaching them to my success.  It didn’t feel all that great.

I’m trying to look at it this way: if this other person is doing similar work, they’ve obviously been less successful given what I’ve done has gotten a significant amount of press while their work has not.  Unfortunately, I’m not sure if the people to whom this information was being directed will know that given they aren’t in the field.  And that tends to bring me back to the question of why it is so important to promote this other person in the middle of my success.



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