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I’m such a diva…I mean deva March 24, 2013

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A friend’s husband recently came up with the idea of having a family Dungeons and Dragons game.  Mike and I thought this sounded like fun, so we packed up the offspring and off we went.  There were a total of four kids, three of whom are teenagers.  Loud teenagers.  Yes, I’m starting to feel old already.

The older son was beyond excited at this idea.  The younger son had no idea what was going on.  Actually, I didn’t, either.  I haven’t played D&D in twenty years.  Maybe it’s just age, but it seems to me that things were much simpler back then (as I’m shaking my cane).  I seem to recall you had to roll a few specs, choose your character race (from a basic handful), concoct a short story, and in fifteen minutes you were ready to roll…literally!

Not anymore.  Nope.  The newfangled D&D took us about two hours just to set up characters.  When I was picking my character, I was thinking ‘elf’ based on what I’d rolled.  But then again, so were a couple other people.  After browsing the player handbook no. 2 (there are two?!), I settled on a deva, which is apparently some sort of immortal being that is born mortal and has memories of past lives.  I’m all in favor of getting to have purple skin.

Oh good, I thought.  Now I get to be the pretentious, arrogant smart-ass who annoys everyone.  This sounds like an easy character to play because it’ll be just like real life!  Well, no…I really don’t want a character like that.  Of course, after seeing what other people chose, I have the feeling that’s exactly how it will end up.

After almost succumbing to sensory overload from two hours of non-stop talking complete with two to three side discussions at any given time, I realized another benefit to choosing this particular character: by choosing one that is immortal, I don’t have to go through the pages and pages of stuff necessary to build another character any time soon nor the accompanying chaos.  I have the feeling my character will make it much farther than I will.



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