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Photobombing student pictures June 28, 2013

Posted by mareserinitatis in education, engineering, photography.
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Today was the last day for a student who worked with Mike.  As is the tradition in our group, Mike, being his supervisor, brought him out to lunch and several people from the group joined.  These lunches are a lot of fun but also a little sad as it’s hard to see students moving on.

This student shared an office with me but we didn’t collaborate at all.  Mostly, we interacted by having small conversations here and there, primarily after greeting each other in the mornings.  However, after lunch, he said he wanted some pictures, so he and Mike posed while the rest of us waited nearby.  After a couple pictures, the student indicated to me that he would like me in a couple of the pictures, as well.

I agreed, but this felt odd to me.  We’d talked here and there, but there were other people present that he’d worked with.  This made me wonder if I was asked to be in the picture because a lot of people see me and Mike as a ‘unit.’  Mike, however, suggested it’s just that students in particular seem to like me.  (It’s that extroverted engineer thing…makes them feel more comfortable.)

I still felt, however, like I was somehow photobombing the pictures.



1. Cop Car - June 28, 2013

Ah, we all stumble through life as best we can. Who knows why any one of us does a particular thing. My advice is worth what I’m charging you for it: Don’t overthink the incident.


2. karifur - June 28, 2013

I agree with Cop Car, you are definitely overthinking it, but you are also selling yourself short. You shared an office with this person but your first thought was that he would only want a picture with you because of Mike? Even if you didn’t work together on any projects, you are someone he saw nearly every day. That makes you significant, so of course he would want a couple pictures to remember you. 🙂


mareserinitatis - July 2, 2013

I’m not sure, but it just seemed odd to me that he would want pictures with me and not with some of the other people present, as well. It’s one of those quirks of human behavior that doesn’t make sense to me. I felt bad for both them and me…I don’t like having my picture taken, and they were left out. 🙂


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