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I know I’m a flake September 9, 2013

Posted by mareserinitatis in education, teaching.
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I’m currently grading the essays I have my students write at the beginning of the semester.  The essay is just to give me some background on each student and communicate to me what they’re hoping to get out of the class.

One thing I’m noticing this semester is that there seems to be a large number of students who have mentioned that their study skills and time management may be lacking.  Several students have talked about how they coasted through high school.

In the past, I’ve had a few students make this comment.  This year, it seems very frequent.  I’m not sure why there’s this change, but it makes me hopeful.  If I’m talking to students about their study habits and time management, I think it’ll go much better when they’re actually interested in learning about it.  Otherwise, I suspect they think I’m just like their mom, lecturing them about how they need to get their act together so they can make something out of their life.  I don’t like it when they look at me like that…I get more than enough from my own kids.



1. Kate - September 9, 2013

I am high school teacher, and I definitely see this. I think technology has a huge impact on this. They are consumed with their devices and don’t have the self-control to detach to study or do work. Very interesting that this comes up just now! It has been a growing trend. Glad they are more self aware!


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