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The best laid plans of mice and men… September 4, 2017

Posted by mareserinitatis in research, teaching, work.
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It’s the beginning of the new school year, and I decided my blog has been left neglected too long.

That, however, was the thought I had in early August, when I was in the middle of putting together a lab for the fall semester.  I therefore wasn’t in a good place to be writing.

I figured that, this semester, I’d have more time.  That was before a couple weeks ago.  In addition to teaching two new classes, I somehow ended up on faculty senate for the next year (along with a committee as part of that responsibility). I decided to continue my involvement with a committee I was on last year and ended up as chair.  And then I found out that I would be coordinating a search committee for a couple new faculty members.

My chair asked me how that happened.  I shrugged.  Best laid plans and all that…

There was also a CFP for a journal I’d like to submit to.  I have until December to write something up.

It’s a lot to do, but it also has been enjoyable in a way my previous job wasn’t.  I liked doing research, but when that’s all you’re doing, it’s a lot of time working alone or with a select group of people.  I always looked forward to teaching my class of freshmen in the fall just because it got me out and talking to people, which was a great way to break up the monotony.  While talking to myself was a great way to do some problem solving, I would get bored with my own company after a while.

I definitely have a lot of opportunities to be interacting with people now, so there’s little chance it will become monotonous.  At least, not until next summer.



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