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An observation March 1, 2012

Posted by mareserinitatis in societal commentary.
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Abstracting about human nature tonight, and I thought this rather interesting.

My observation is that people who are successful often attribute that success almost entirely to their own efforts without acknowledging the role that luck and the assistance of others have played in their success or others’ success or lack thereof.  I tend to find people who do acknowledge the effects of chance or a champion as being pleasantly humble.

Those who are not successful often attribute this primarily to luck (or lack thereof) as well as the effects that others have on them while downplaying their own role in such issues.

It seems to me that the perception of your own role has a lot to do with one’s longterm success (by their own definition, not mine), and I don’t know why so few people seem to take into account all of the aspects that determine their fate.

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