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Linkety Link January 9, 2011

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My friend (who is an NPS Park Ranger at the Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site) shared a story explaining five myths about why the South seceded.

The College Board is rethinking the AP.

Hopefully the US government has rethought its stance on ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’ after it misused science to justify it’s stance.

Equally depressing is the addition of six birds to the extinct list in Australia. Some of the birds could have been saved.

Researchers have been studying moonquakes to determine the interior structure of the moon. (Also included is a discussion of solar spicules, but for more information, you can check here.)

Back on Earth, you may want to check out some awesome pictures of Yosemite Valley.

You could also learn about the physics of icicle formation.

And finally, Dave from the EEVblog has some great advice to newly graduated engineers. On the other hand, I think there’s a certain amount of advice that is applicable no matter where you work:

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