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From whom it has concerned November 10, 2012

Posted by mareserinitatis in feminism.
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I was buying some items at Barnes and Noble today when the cashier asked if I wanted to buy a book to donate.  I picked a Lego book of some sort, and the cashier handed me a card and asked me to fill in the “From” line.  I contemplated a second, and he said, “You can just write in Santa if you like.”

That didn’t feel quite right, so I wrote in, “Santa and Mrs. Claus.”  (Does Mrs. Claus have a first name?  I feel horrible for not knowing.)

The cashier looked and smiled.  “Hmm…no one has written that before.  But you know, that makes sense.  She’s probably the brains of the operation, planning everything out.  She should get some credit, too.”

Indeed, she should.   But I imagine the elves are going to complain that they were left out…or the reindeer.

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