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Our society may now be dominated by WOMENZ!!! September 9, 2010

Posted by mareserinitatis in feminism.
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News to me…

I read (the most awful) article telling me that our society is soon to be run by women. What numbers can we use to support this assertion? Well, blue collar men lost most of the jobs during the last recession, for one thing. (Let’s ignore that the sector mentioned is dominated by men.) And professional jobs are at parity. (Ignoring the fact that congress isn’t, let alone where I work.)

So what do you think? After you’ve read the article, I’m curious if you think that post-modern and soon-to-be matriarchal society will be the flip side of the patriarchal coin or more egalitarian?



1. FrauTech - September 10, 2010

Let me tell you, I am already doing my part to keep The Menz down. First, I get paid more than them for the same qualifications. Secondly, my bosses are all female and when they’re looking for someone to promote they see me, or women like me, and assume we have natural leadership abilities. I am often asked to do the complicated technical work because they know my male colleagues are better at keeping lists, staying organized, and keeping up with their frivolous sports. They criticize my male colleagues for not putting enough work into their appearance, or putting so much work into it it detracts from their job performance or distracts women on the job. They know as a woman I’ll be able to focus better on the job because the men will need to leave early to pick up their kids from daycare or go to school plays. They can count on me to be a dedicated employee for decades while they don’t know what will happen to the men, or how many they’ll lose, once they decide to procreate.

Btw, the shoes and pants in that article are totally stylin’…


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