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Someone always gets sick when we travel… March 9, 2012

Posted by mareserinitatis in personal.
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One of the funniest vacations I remember is a ski trip to Duluth where the older boy got sick.  I spent close to two hours cleaning his regurgitated breakfast off the bathroom floor of the fancy condo we rented.  I remember other trips where one of the other kids got sick, and one of us was trying to google the nearest pharmacy or 24 hour grocery in whatever strange town we were in.  (Of course, these things never happen in the middle of the day.)

Since I was the only one traveling this time, I guess that means it had to be me.

Apparently the desert air isn’t very friendly as I have the mother of all sinus infections.  On top of that, it appears I caught some viral thing on the trip here because my whole body is achy.  It feels like I have the flu.  I thought the two were the same thing, but apparently I had to be twice as sick.  Probably to make up for the lack of other people who could also be sick.  Or to make up for the fact that I managed to get sick after taking care of all the important reasons why I came.

The nice doctor gave me some antibiotics and told me to get some rest.  The way my ears are plugged, I can tell my flight home tomorrow is going to be a bit less fun than I hoped.  But thank goodness for modern medicine and airplanes.  Hopefully I will be home and well very soon.



1. FluxorFluxor - March 12, 2012

Once got sick on a business trip to the US. I went into the nearest walk-in clinic, was treated extremely well by the attending doctor during my 15 minute stay, and was very satisfied all around. Until they handed me my $300 bill. Made me look at travel insurance in a whole new light.


mareserinitatis - March 13, 2012

Yeah, I have some paperwork to fill out because I didn’t have my insurance card with me. I sure hope they’ll cover things. 😛


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