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Officially Teradog September 16, 2012

Posted by mareserinitatis in family, older son, pets, younger son.
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Most of you know that we were asked to foster a Newfoundland from our local pound a couple months ago.  We were supposed to just keep him for two days and then hand him off to someone else for a more long-term foster home.  After two days, we decided he could stay longer.  I was supposed to work with the local Newf Rescue group to find him a new home.

I just never seemed to be able to make the call.

The first 24 hours with him were rough.  He howled almost all night long.  The next morning, however, he was SO happy to see me when I came to let him out of the kennel.  He was perfectly silent the next night.  He and Gigadog got along wonderfully, and it was obvious that having another dog around calmed her immensely. He’s sticky: if I leave unexpectedly, especially if I take Gigadog with, he’ll howl, sometimes until I come back, even if Mike is home.

He’s so incredibly sweet and mellow.  He lets Macrocat eat out of his food dish, and his morning routine involves running up to Macrocat and giving him a big lick first thing after he’s out of his kennel.  The younger son can walk him even though pup is nearly three times as big as the younger son.  Even the teenager likes him.  And the teenager doesn’t like dogs.

How do you let go of a dog like that, even when you know he’ll go into a good home?

Today, therefore, Rainier is officially staying with us, and he will be henceforth referred to as Teradog on the blog.

How could you say no to a face like that?



1. thisworldthrumyeyes - September 16, 2012

I was supposed to foster by English Bull Terrier for 2-4 weeks and that will be 2 years ago in November. 🙂


2. Doug LeQuire - September 16, 2012

You big-hearted softie, you :-). You’re right, though….who could resist a face like that?
Speaking of dogs….on a serious note, please send prayers, good vibes, etc. for Joey, our Golden Retriever. She’s been suffering from what my wife feels is an abcessed tooth; one side of her face is so swollen her eye is shut and an old injury has been weeping blood. Fortunately, Lynn has tomorrow (Monday) off and will be taking Joey to the vet first thing in the morning.


3. karifur - September 16, 2012

I knfry after the first week that you would be a foster failure. Congratulations!


4. karifur - September 16, 2012

*that should say “I knew…” not I knfry. I have no idea why autocorrect let that one slide.


5. Anandi Raman Creath (@anandi) - September 18, 2012

congratulations! Rainier was actually one of my top choices for boy (baby) names but TJ majorly vetoed it 😉 Teradog is adorable, though. I love big snuggly dogs. I’d seriously consider a Newf or newf mix for our next one.


mareserinitatis - September 19, 2012

I adore Newfs. They’ve got such personalities, and I adore how cuddly they are…


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