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Not working… October 4, 2012

Posted by mareserinitatis in education, gifted, math, younger son.
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Last spring, we came to an agreement with the younger son’s school that he’d be doing his online math course at school.

We didn’t even make it a month, and he’s back to doing it at home.  I’m not sure what happened, but it sounds like he couldn’t work in the classroom.  Instead, he was supposed to work out at the main desk.  I’m sure that wasn’t at all distracting.  He had some people there he could ask for help, but I get the feeling that didn’t work so well and they also weren’t going to let him contact his teacher through the program.  He basically stopped working.

After a few days of this, I started doing some of it at home with him after school.  Finally, it was apparent he wasn’t getting anything done at all at school, so we sent a note to his teacher and the principal that he would be doing math at home again.  His teacher said ok, and the principal never responded.

I’m not sure what to make of it given how adamant they were about him doing his math at school last spring.  I also guess I’m a bit disappointed that I have to take this over again.  However, it seems like he’s moving again, so we’ll just go with it.


1. katiedid - October 4, 2012

Ugh, how frustrating! Does he have an IEP?

mareserinitatis - October 4, 2012

No. It’s a private school, and we told them we were happy to do the math at home. They didn’t like that last year…but I guess this year they changed their mind.

2. feMOMhist - October 5, 2012

sigh, not happy to read this as that is my “back up” plan for fMhson. After the month of “revew” he is meant to start the self paced accelerated math on the “neo math” system. I just got the first three reports, and I’m hoping they keep it up regularly. Last year it was intermittent at best. However this year he also gets to do the gifted pull out, which I really hope will engage him.


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