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Running Update: 1 year! October 17, 2012

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I haven’t been giving my monthly running updates because, since June, I haven’t been able to run.  At least, not until earlier this month.

It turns out that I had tendonitis in my ankle.  It took quite a while to heal up (nearly 3 months), and I got outfitted about three weeks ago with some custom supports to prevent this from happening again.

I’m excited to be running again because as soon as registration opened up for the Fargo Marathon, I decided to go nuts and signed up to do the half next spring.  I’m using a very basic-level plan that takes 35 weeks to prepare.  So yes, I’ve already started training.

It’s a run-walk program (one of the Jeff Galloway plans), and part of this is establishing the proportion of the time spent running versus walking.  I did my first time trial last week and discovered something strange: I’m faster than I was last spring, even after three months of no running.  I also discovered that doing the walk-run combination, I’m nearly as fast as just running…and a lot less worn out when I’m done.

I’m guessing the increase in speed is due to my change in diet.  I have been getting a lot of comments about how I look like I’ve lost weight (despite the fact that I haven’t) in the past couple weeks.  I think it’s simply a result of the inflammation going down now that I’m not eating gluten-filled foods any more.  I guess this is another way to tell things are healing up.

I’m also signed up to do the Jingle Bell Run at the beginning of December.  It’s a fundraiser for the Arthritis Foundation, so if you care to sponsor me and/or my team, click here.  (Also, I appreciate efforts to sponsor me because my teammate is the lead fundraiser so far, and she’s making us all look bad.)  😉



1. Becky W. - October 17, 2012

It’s all because of Ross…get Ada to start begging for donations. 😉
I think I am going to do C25K again even though I have started B210K. I really want to increase my speed. So glad you are running again and the orthotics are helping!


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