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New year’s…ahem…goals, Pt.1 January 1, 2013

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It’s very easy at the end of every year to look at the numbers on the scale and feel disappointed that they aren’t smaller.  Or I can take measurements of my body and be upset that my diameter is definitely not where it should be.

It’s frustrating to me because I watch my diet fastidiously and am very physically active (well, when I’m not in front of the computer).  But here I am.

Granted, this year has been been better than most as a result of my celiac diagnosis.  I’ve been on the diet about 4 1/2 months, and it’s unbelievable the amount of positive feedback I’ve gotten about how much better I look.  So obviously things are going well on that front.  However, progress, as always is slow.

I also am not one to make resolutions as they can be easily dropped.  So instead I set goals.

I never try to set the goal of reaching a certain weight or size.  It turns out that since I started the celiacs diet, I haven’t really lost more than about 5 pounds.  However, people tell me constantly that I look it.  And, from what they’ve said, they think I’m lighter than I am.  Mike has made the observation that I appear to be denser.  However, after that comment almost resulted in physical violence, he amended it to “more compact”, which was, in my opinion, a more agreeable euphemism.

My goal, therefore, is to continue to improve my health by watching my diet and running.  (In fact, I have already signed up for a half-marathon in May.)  I am hoping that my efforts toward these goals will result in weight loss, but I will try not to shoot for a particular number.

There is one thing that makes me sad about my becoming “more compact”.  When the younger boy was about 4, I remember him wanting to cuddle on someone’s lap.  He decided to try dad’s lap as it had the closest availability.  He went and sat down on Mike’s lap…and proceeded to wiggle around for five or ten minutes, obviously unsettled.  He got off Mike’s lap, looking disappointed.  Then he came and sat on my lap.  With just a few minor adjustments, he ended up completely still with a contented sigh.

“Mom, you’re soft.”

I want to be healthy and will work toward that, but I want to be soft enough for little boys to want snuggle on my lap.



1. katiedid - January 1, 2013

You have Amish to be proud f. Your running is inspiring to me! Now that I have my feet (hopefully) figured out with my orthotics I’ve gotten back on the treadmill. I’m at the opposite point as you: the scale has only gone up about 5 pounds but none of my clothes fit right. I’ve lost all my compactness.


mareserinitatis - January 1, 2013

Yay! I had to get orthotics, too. My flat feet left me with tendonitis in my ankle for about 4 months this summer. Another thing I learned is to put a hot water bottle on the ankles for 5 min before running. It helps warm them up and when they’re looser, I don’t have as many aches and pains.


2. mouse - January 1, 2013

I like measuring my compactness! Nothing says data-driven like grad school. I have started lifting weights, so for me it is exciting to see how much muscle I have put on. Your university rec center may offer body composition assessments (look at their personal training section, if they have one)–I know the U of MN does. The health center may also do basic % body fat measurements. That information is usually directed at faculty and staff wellness.

Congratulations on all of your running progress this year! I second the inspiring comment. I am looking forward to trying that again in the spring after a mid-autumn sprained ankle.


mareserinitatis - January 1, 2013

“Nothing says data-driven like grad school.”

LOL! I think the health center here does, but it costs a pretty penny for staff or faculty. I miss the days of being a student and getting most of the services for free. In the meantime, I have a measuring tape, so I’ll just keep track of things the low-tech way. 🙂


3. katiesci - January 1, 2013

OOPS! What in the world did my autocorrect do?? I was trying to say:

“You have a lot to be proud of!”

Although, if you ARE Amish then, you know, that would be cool too though I wouldn’t expect you to have a blog or be an engineer. 😉


mareserinitatis - January 1, 2013

I’m sorry, but this is what you’re comment made me think of.


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