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Petite Prehistorics July 12, 2013

Posted by mareserinitatis in geology, older son, younger son.
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The interwebs may be familiar with Bronies…that is, boys who like My Little Pony or, as they prefer to call it, MLP.  The older son became interested in them a couple years ago (apparently he writes Pony fanfic now), and the younger son is, of course, emulating his older brother.  For his most recent birthday, the younger son received 3 stuffed Ponies, which absolutely thrilled him.  He often takes them to daycare.

(I’d like to pause for a moment and say how I think it’s completely awesome that it’s okay for boys to like MLP given it would have been quite humiliating when I was a kid.)

The other morning, the younger son ran to grab a pony before daycare. (Pinky Pie?  I have a hard time following.)  He was also wearing one of his favorite shirts, which features a t-rex and says, “Kickin’ it, old school.”  I took a picture of him posing with the pony and posted it on FB saying how I love that he likes both ponies and dinosaurs.  My friend @karifur commented on the picture saying there should be My Little Dinos, at which point another very talented artist friend, Becky Barnes (who works for the state Geological Survey and creates the Fossils in ND newsletter) posted a pic of such a creation.

Sadly, because it would violate copyright, she can’t sell anything with these images, but she did say I could share them so that people can use them.  Maybe you can make a t-shirt for a little girl who might get into dinosaurs if they were more pastel?  I just ask, however, that if you use these images on the web, you give credit to Becky.




(Also, Becky made a dino coloring book, so maybe that would be a good gift, as well!)  You can buy the book here.

Cover Black



1. Cop Car - July 13, 2013

“My Little Dinos”

I know nothing about this genre, having been around while the real things were a-roaming; but, isn’t it about time we had “My Little Dinas”?

All are cute!


2. Older Son - July 13, 2013

I’ll have to set you up with a spotter’s guide sometime. 😛
(If you’re curious, the dinosaurs there are Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash, respectively.)


3. Cop Car - July 14, 2013



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