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Friday Fun: Minion Posters July 26, 2013

Posted by mareserinitatis in Friday Fun.
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I need to print these out and hang them up in my office.  (Apologies to my Facebook friends, who have already seen these…depending on whether or not FB lets you see all my posts.)







1. Cop Car - July 30, 2013

I can cherry pick data to “prove” whatever. (One of the articles that was linked compared absolute differences between lower paid and highly-paid (CEO) employess rather than using percentage deltas.)

In my own case, I hired into my first position as an engineer at a -15% delta from males hired at the same time who had “only” BS degrees (I needed to finish my thesis for MS in Engineering Mechanics, at the time). I was laid off by that employer (I had finished my MS; but, I had less than 2 years’ experience while the next-least-experienced person laid off had 6 years’ – a total of 6 were laid off in a group of 16 or 18. I would have laid me off, too). The next employer hired me on a par with males at my level. It wasn’t long before I was out-earning the males who had been at my level. Why? Because I became an engineer at age 36, giving me a leg up on them in terms of life experience and leadership practice (tell me that leading kids isn’t leadership!) From thence, I usually made more than the males because I was worth more, and because I had the “right” first and second supervisors who would treat me “fairly”. Those first two levels of supervision are crucial.

BTW: At the point where I had 7 years’ experience, my salary was higher than males of my age (rather than of my years’ experience); so, I could not complain.

Point of Information: Although, through the years, I frequently had engineers who were females work for me, only in my last two years of employment did I get to work for a woman.


mareserinitatis - July 30, 2013

I suspect you wanted this on the post about the gender gap in wages?


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