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Fresh (programming) blood December 4, 2010

Posted by mareserinitatis in education, poll.
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For those of you who spend any amount of time programming, I have three questions. Please leave a response with your answer in the comments.

1 – What age were you when you first started programming?

2 – What caused you to learn to program?

3 – What was the first language you learned to program in? (I am fine if this language is visual, such as LabView. I’m looking for an ability to give a computer a sequential set of commands.)

I’ll probably write a follow up to this, but I am extremely curious.

μ September 21, 2010

Posted by mareserinitatis in poll.
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I haven’t done polls on here before, but there’s a time to try everything.

Based on a facebook discussion, I was made aware that some people pronounce ‘μ’ like ‘moo’. I had never heard it pronounced that way as I have always heard it as ‘mew’. So how do you pronounce it?

How do you pronounce μ?


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