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The great Easter Egg Hunt of 2013…or May the force be with you. March 31, 2013

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A few of you may remember two years ago when I discovered some geologically questionable Easter eggs. This year’s Easter celebration was just as unique. You see, I found these:


I told the kids that their Easter eggs would be unique, and they got a single hint. At that point, I began playing the Star Wars soundtrack. They were puzzled until they found the first “egg,” at which point they were amused. I think they found them all before we’d gotten to the Imperial March.

The Easter Bunny is a closet geologist April 24, 2011

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I was shopping for Easter supplies (i.e. materials to color eggs) when I came across this gem:

Yes, folks, it is possible to enjoy science and religion at the same time.  For some lucky children (like my own), they will be getting their candy-filled eggs in fossil replicas.  If you’d like a closer look, here are the ‘fossils':

As you can see, we have some sort of mollusk shell along with some sort of green contaminant.  (Apparently the Easter Bunny isn’t the best at keeping samples isolated.)  There is also the skeleton of a young reptilian creature…maybe a dinosaur of some kind.  The the best is the bony fish skeleton along with some green or brown things.  Hmm.

The brown things look like they could be some sort of trilobite.  Given I can’t figure out which trilobite order it belongs to, I will assume it’s an extremely primitive variety that showed up in the very early Cambrian.  Definitely not Burgess Shale material.

It’s also difficult to tell what types of rocks these fossils formed in as they have an amazing lack of identifying texture or chemical reactivity.  I guess I will have to leave the mysteries in the hands of more experienced paleontologists.

Despite all these questions, I quite approve of the eggs (since I bought a pack).

For those who celebrate have a Happy Easter!


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