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Friday fun: It’s a trap! August 23, 2013

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I actually had planned another post for today, but I’m too short on time to write it out.  Hopefully next week…

In the meantime, Mike, the older son, and I were having one of those philosophical discussions one has when one’s brain cells are fried because it’s the end of the week and you’re all suffering from the dreaded summer cold.  The comment that excited this discussion was a Far Side comic (which I can’t find).  The comic shows a couple guys walking through a jungle, and one of them has been caught in a death trap.  Meanwhile, one of his fellow jungle-goers is telling another that this is why he tends to walk near the back.


If they’d had Admiral Ackbar with them, he would have pointed out that the first guy was caught in a trap.

This led into a long discussion about what the safest position in a hiking party is, particularly if one is going through an isolated jungle.  From the movies, we know that the first guy always trips the net or falls into the pit or what have you.  The guy in the middle always ends up succumbing to the rocks on the cliff or bridge that have been weakened by the first guy.  The last guy always gets picked off by the natives.

As far as we can tell, this seems to hold unless you’re the protagonist in a non-George R. R. Martin book/show/movie.  And, of course, the doubters are all hosed regardless of position.

So what do you think: what is the safest position in a jungle-venturing party?  If you have a reason why, I’d love to hear it.

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