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Getting re-oriented March 12, 2012

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I’m back home and getting adjusted to normal life again.  Due to illness, I have been sleeping more than normal (which I probably should be doing when not ill, as well).  My sinuses are also not happy with the additional 1500 ft of air pressure…but I’m getting used to it.  Daylight savings also came at an inopportune time as I am now two hours out of sync rather than just one.

The dog was happy to see me and even happier that I took her for a walk today (just couldn’t make myself run). The younger son was very adamant about getting his present, so I handed him a bag of pistachios.  He looked horribly disappointed but managed to squeak out a ‘thank you’.  Then I gave him his real presents: a junior ranger vest (with many pockets for rocks), a book on the wildlife of the deserts of the US, and some Saguaro cactus seeds.  He wore the vest all day and wants to plant a garden of cacti.  (Mike and the older boy were more patient – they got shirts and some cactus candies.)

I did manage to get out to Sabino Canyon on Saturday morning before flying out.  It a beautiful spot.  I’ll probably post more pics on Wednesday.  In the meantime, I have to tell you how tickled I was with the Saguaro cacti.  They are so easy to anthropomorphize, and the one above looked like he was having a conversation with the rest of them.  Or maybe it was yelling at the tourists like myself.  With that little arm sticking out, it looks like it’s pretty adamant about something.




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