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The Ides of March are silly March 15, 2012

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Normally this post would be reserved for letting you know that my latest post is up over at Engineer Blogs.  However, before you head over there, I’d like you to stop by My Dog Said, where Gigadog has been cartoonified in Puppy Karma.

Now that you have had your cute fix for the day, go ahead and stop by Engineer Blogs for my post, Constant Craving, where we’re talking about favorite constants.  (Such a geeky thing to do…)



1. Taylor Michaels - March 16, 2012

You’ve got it all wrong. The Ides of March are not silly. It is a great concept. You should be afraid of the Ides of March — and nothing else. It is the worst thing on the planet and everyone should be fearful.


Instead, you could be afraid that burglars would break-in to your house every time you leave. Then you’d be worried every time you leave your house.

You could be worried about having a car accident. Then, you’d be worried every time you were in your car and every time you thought you’d have to make another trip.

You could be worried about global warming or climate change or acid rain. Then, you’d be worried every second of every minute ….

But — if you are only worried about the Ides of March (and your name isn’t Julius Caesar) then, you’re only worried once a year. Only one day out of three hundred sixty-six. Isn’t that an improvement? And in the back of your mind, you’d know that the Ides of March was nothing to be really worried about (unless your name was Julius Caesar).


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