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The Ides of March are silly March 15, 2012

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Normally this post would be reserved for letting you know that my latest post is up over at Engineer Blogs.  However, before you head over there, I’d like you to stop by My Dog Said, where Gigadog has been cartoonified in Puppy Karma.

Now that you have had your cute fix for the day, go ahead and stop by Engineer Blogs for my post, Constant Craving, where we’re talking about favorite constants.  (Such a geeky thing to do…)


Versatile Blogger January 8, 2012

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Thanks to GeekMommyProf, who was kind enough to nominate me for a versatile blogger award!

I guess I should start with the rules:

1) Nominate 15 fellow bloggers
2) Inform the Bloggers of their nomination
3) Share 7 random things about yourself
4) Thank the blogger who nominated you
5) Post the award badge.

So we’ll start with the bloggers.  Some of the ones I would’ve nominated have been taken, so you only get 11.

1 – Design. Build. Play  by FrauTech

2 – Life as an Outlier by Miss Outlier

3 – Periodic Boundary Conditions by Miss MSE

4 – GEARS by GEARS (of course)

5 – Mommy/Prof by Mommyprof

6 – 27and a PhD

7 – Scientist Rising

8-The Expanding Life

9 – Abbi Reads

10 – Skulls in the Stars

11 – Athene Donald’s Blog

Random facts:

1 – The shortest I’ve ever had my hair is shoulder length, and I hated it.

2 – I had to laugh at GMP’s comment that she is the runt at 6′.  I’m the tallest woman in my family at 5’4″.

3 – My only time outside the US was one horrible trip to Tijuana.

4 – My favorite food is peaches, but I can’t eat them because they make me sick.

5 – I lost my last baby tooth when I was 34.  Rather forcibly.

6 – I’ve been friends with one person for 19 years over the internet and I’ve never met him in person.  (Though not for lack of trying.)

7 – My favorite flower is the Gardenia.  (You know, in case you ever want to send me a bouquet or something…)

A couple quick links September 22, 2011

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First, you really need to check out this article on the ten historic female scientists you should know.

Second, you don’t have to, but I’d appreciate it if you checked out my EngineerBlogs post for today: Thinking about Grad School? Don’t (unless you’re a civil engineer)

A little bit of self-promotion September 16, 2011

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I was listed as the Featured Engineer at EEWeb.  If you’re so inclined, you can read my interview here.

Linkety Link July 31, 2011

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I came across this fascinating article on the history of research in global climate change.  I am greatly amused by the fact that methods used for oil and gas exploration were later utilized to validate theories on climate change.  Irony.

Anyway, it’s a fascinating read:  The Discovery of Global Warming

I’ve also been remiss in not posting a link to this sooner.  (As you can tell, blogging hasn’t been at the forefront of my brain.)  GEARS wrote two great posts on diversification in STEM fields: Diversification In Stem Fields and On Diversification: with Dr. Anna Garry and Professor Ursula Keller.

Of course, there’s a lot going on at EngineerBlogs.  I wrote a post recently titled Died-in-the-wool Engineer.

For fun, you should think about whether math should be taught in schools.  (And yes, the video is a spoof.)

Places to go March 7, 2011

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This week’s Engineer Blogs post is up: it’s about engineering an inclusive classroom.

Last week, we all discussed our favorite classes. My favorites were Paul Clarke’s and Miss Outlier’s.  You can also read mine, Fluxor’s, Chris’, as well as an introductory post by Peter Francis, our new guest blogger.

Finally, two posts that you might want to read that are unrelated to engineer blogs:

Ron Amundson wrote a post on accountability in education and how that seems to affect goals like educational outcome.

GEARS wrote a post on finding graduate students.  His approach is great, and if I were looking to go into Mech. Eng., I’d totally want to be his student.  :-D

Linkety Link February 26, 2011

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I want to believe – “A friend of mine, who is a biology teacher, manages to convince his students each and every year that jackalopes exist in the wild…”

The saga of the scientific swindler – make sure you have a cup of tea and long break to read this one, but it really is fascinating.

How powerpoint ruins America’s STEM education – the title says it all

Notes of a young science student – “although I asked questions in some of the journal entries, they were often questions with answers that I could find in a book. Experimentation and hands-on engagement are notably absent, except for one entry where I describe a demonstration that I did for my class.”


Link Love: What am I missing? February 23, 2011

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Okay…a real post will have to come later.  I’m knee deep in widget modifications, so other things have to wait.  (Aside from that, I’m excited!  It actually works!)

In the meantime, I’ve realized that my link list has been neglected.  I know I’m reading some blogs that aren’t on the list…and I’m probably missing blogs that I shouldn’t be.  Therefore, if you can think of a blog that ought to be in my link list, please feel free to let me know in the comments.

More to come…

Linkety Link February 13, 2011

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The science goddess talks about the conflict between those who are ‘techevangelists’ and those who simply want students to learn.

There’s a nice book review of The Madame Curie Complex. I’ll have to add it to my reading list.

Paul Krugman thinks the republican budget cuts are going to wreck the future in order to minimize the pain now.

Two good discussions of the Ceci and Williams paper showed up at Confused at a Higher Level and Female Science Professor.

linkety link January 31, 2011

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For those who haven’t heard, Bill O’Reilly has been running around saying that…well…not sure what he’s getting at. Either way, Colbert and Neil deGrasse Tyson do an awesome job of making fun of him. :-)

Prof-like substance discusses using slides in the classroom

Frautech ponders the middle path between being overlooked or objectified

The next generation computer chips may use regular light to reach the same resolution that standard photolithography has now.

Yuri Gargarin’s daughter wants to trademark his name (and it sounds like it’s worth a lot).

If you want a bigger brain (specifically, amygdala), then build your social network

I suppose I should help Chris out by plugging the 555 contest.


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