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Even the students do it… October 29, 2013

Posted by mareserinitatis in engineering, feminism, teaching.
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I was on campus and, after teaching my class, decided to go sit at the department office for adjuncts to do a bit of grading.  As I was walking through, there were a handful of students waiting for the admin assistant.  There was a sign on her door stating she would be back soon.

As I was walking past a couple students and another professor who happened to wander by, the students jumped in front of me.

“Hi.  We’re waiting for the admin assistant.”

“Oh, well, it says she should be back shortly.”

“Yeah, we have our registration forms filled out.”  The student extended his form in front of me.  I’m guessing he didn’t want me to check things over to make sure they were correct…because it had already been signed.  I’m pretty sure he expected me to take care of entering it into the computer.

To be honest, I came very close to responding, “What the hell am I supposed to do with this?”

Fortunately, the admin walked in before I started swearing, and I was able to say, “Well, there she is.  She can help you out.”

Because really…what was I supposed to do with it?


1. karifur - October 29, 2013

To be honest I’m kind of disappointed that she came back right then because I think that student should have gotten the smackdown. I would have probably barked at him myself.

mareserinitatis - October 29, 2013

I’m (unfortunately) too polite to give him the smackdown. I think about those things, but only do them when I really get fed up with someone. 🙂

I initially thought that maybe he didn’t know who the admin assistant was and therefore thought I might be her…but I asked her later, and he’s been in to talk with her before. :-/

karifur - October 29, 2013

Just rudeness I expect. If you are here in the office, then you are required to take my paperwork because I don’t have time to wait for the employee who is actually responsible for that.

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