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My babies, furry and otherwise December 8, 2011

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I have a couple posts to write, but as today was my last day of classes after an extremely late night/early morning grading frenzy, I am too fried to put down anything coherent.  You’ll have to make do with some pictures.

First, this is what greats me after I do a run on the treadmill, which is in the basement:

However, lest you think she’s not getting any love, you need to see this video:

And finally, a rare picture of the younger son.  I have an old (as in 10 year old) iBook that the younger son was using, but the keyboard doesn’t seem to be functioning.  We’re not sure if we can fix it, but Mike decided to order another iBook that we can use to scavenge for parts.  Not only is it cheaper than buying a new computer, it will provide both of them with hours of entertainment, especially since the iBook we ordered has an Air Port.

I fear this means I’m losing the war, however.  Mike and I have been arguing about whether he’s going to be a physicist or an electrical engineer.  Engineer is looking likely at this point.  I can handle it if he goes into electrical engineering…but certainly not something lesser like mechanical.  ;-)


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