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Blue screen of (MacBook) death September 26, 2011

Posted by mareserinitatis in computers, meta.
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I didn’t know that macs had a blue screen of death, but I encountered it.  On Saturday, I was working, when suddenly my desktop disappeared and was replaced with deep blue nothing and a moving cursor.

Not good.

I hooked up an external drive, backed everything up (once I rebooted), and then ran some diagnostics.  Looks like my hard drive bit the dust.

I’m in the midst of waiting for things to go through the red tape for the warranty (non-apple) that came with the computer when I bought it.  (The U bookstore was selling specially priced bundles.)  So far, they said I needed to provide a copy of the original receipt.

Yeah, right.

Fortunately, UMN bookstore actually had a copy and sent it to me, and I’ve passed it along.  No clue how long this will take.

So, anyway, now you know I might not be around too much until it’s fixed except maybe on twitter (because that’s the only thing easy enough to read on my iPhone).


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