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A weird thing happened at work today… June 14, 2012

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I got a weird email from one of the admin people.

Cherish, you need to check your box.  It’s getting full of mail.

This is weird because…well…I didn’t have a box!  When I started working two years ago (my goodness, probably two years ago today), there were no slots for additional boxes.  The person who dealt with the mail said that she would just throw my mail in my husband’s box because she wasn’t sure what else to do with it.  I also was sitting at a workstation in one of the offices and didn’t have my ‘own’ desk.

So now, two years later, I’m apparently in possession of a box.  It turns out that there is a mailbox for the office I’m in, but given my other three officemates have gone on to greener pastures, no one ever checks it…primarily because no one told me it was there.  Also, the person who used to sort the mail left 9 months ago (approximately) and never told anyone just to put my stuff in my husband’s box.

It occurred to me that maybe I should now ask for my own box, but since I’m the only one in that office, I sort of already have it.  The down side is that I don’t want it: the only things in there were sales flyers and catalogs from electronics supply companies.

Making sure I don’t get a big head February 7, 2012

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Things have gotten crazy at work.  The university sent out a press release on the Widget, and it’s getting a fair amount of press.  (Much more than I expected.)  In the past couple days, I’ve gotten several emails and have even been interviewed.  I’m having a hard time keeping up as I still have my normal work to do, too.

Like a good midwesterner, I try to anticipate that not all things will go well, so I shouldn’t get too excited.  And the universe dutifully complies and lets me know that this is prudent.

This time, Dr. Husband got an email addressed to both himself and the Minion asking if they were interested in looking at some technology related to the Widget.  The email wasn’t copied to me, and I wasn’t addressed in the introduction.  Incidentally, the articles which had our names also had me listed first in the research team.  There is a good reason for this.

Just an FYI: if you want someone to buy your stuff, leaving off the lead author and main architect of the project is not the smartest move.

A brief public service announcement December 22, 2010

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Our campus has been migrating from several disparate mail and calendaring services to a single one that will be uniform across the campus. (It may even be uniform across the university system…who knows.)

I hate it. The old calendar and mail programs I used were fairly simple and had what I needed right there. If I needed things more complicated, they were in hidden menus.

I feel like someone just forced me to replace our McIntosh stereo equipment with Sony.

OMG, there are buttons EVERYWHERE!!! And 18 different windows. It’s like an ADD nightmare.

I know I’ll get used to it…but I’m never going to like it.

(I should also note that there were a boatload of announcements sent out explaining how to move to the new email service over, you guessed it, email.)


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