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Summer days drifting away August 6, 2018

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Tonight, I was bringing my younger son to the first meeting of his high school career.  I made the comment:

They’re starting everything off with a meeting.  That’s good practice for adulthood.

I was only half kidding.  As I said it, I realized how true it is.  This week, I have a couple days of meetings.  Next week, I will be in meetings for about three days.  The week after that, you guessed it, more meetings.

And then school starts.  It hit me that summer is finished for me.

I am much more disappointed about this than I expected to be, I think primarily because I’m losing some of my last couple weeks to meetings.  I was finally starting to feel recovered from last spring (aka the semester from hell).

That being said, it was in some ways both a summer both full of accomplishments and satisfyingly lacking in productivity.  I managed to spend a lot of time with my kid, which I owed him because I was gone so much last spring.  I started to write another paper.  I developed a lot of plans for how to improve this coming semester, although just having less courses to teach will automatically help.  I took care of a ton of small administrative tasks that need doing but are just plain boring and time-consuming.

I also got a lot more sleep (that is, more than 5 hours a night), spent more time outside, traveled, talked with friends and family, watched birds, smelled flowers, made friends, took a quilting class, did some crafts, read some books, and made a mental effort to step away from work.

I almost feel ready to start back up again…but I still don’t feel ready to sit in meetings.


The silver lining August 22, 2011

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It’s the first day of school, and I’ve already seen the NDSU shuttle moving around campus.  Classes don’t start until this afternoon here, and the local elementary and high schools start at various points later in the week.  Unless, of course, you go across the river to Minnesota, where they start the day after Labor Day.

I really don’t like it when school starts.  Primarily, I don’t like dealing with homework for the kids.  The older one doesn’t like to do homework, which means I have to nag remind him, which also means he doesn’t do it until I get home.  The younger one has typically been in daycare during the afternoons, so that means he doesn’t do his until I get home (with him).  In either case, this means I spend evenings helping kids with homework while Mike is trying to do housework (or vice versa).

I’m changing my schedule so that we can get this stuff done earlier in the day and kids (and myself) get to bed at a reasonable time.  In that way, I’m glad that school is starting.  While there’s no homework in summer, there is a bit of difficulty keeping a schedule…especially when the sun is coming up around 5 a.m. and not going down until nearly 10 p.m.  I think being on a schedule keeps life a bit more in balance and helps with productivity.  On the other hand, I hate having every moment of my life down on a calendar, which is what I have to do to keep track of my own activities as well as that of three other people and a few fuzzy creatures.

Another event of mixed happiness and sadness is that we’ll be returning PicoPig this week.  While I really think she’s cute and wonderful, I also discovered that I have a serious allergy to timothy hay.  I’ll be glad not to have to do any more cage cleaning, but I’ll miss her burbling and, especially, her purring trill when I pet her.

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