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Academic Year Wrap-Up June 1, 2011

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Do you really need a test to tell I'm a cat?!

The boys have both finished up school, but they are both doing some academic work outside of school. They should both have that done by the end of June…but at least all the school-related craziness is done. (The CAT exam is for the younger boy, not the cat.) May is always so crazy because of all the running around to different end-of-year activities.

We had a good Memorial Day weekend…for the most part. I even managed to go into work and spend a whole day, uninterrupted, on dissertation work. Other stuff we did:

We spent some time with each other.

We spent some time getting to know Picopig.

We spent some time on our hobbies and shooting the breeze.

And the breeze shot back…at approximately 72 mph.  Fortunately, the swingset was our only major damage…a few friends still have no power.

And the big news from the weekend is that Gigadog passed her STAR Puppy exam.  Starting this week, she gets to join the next level obedience class where we get to do some fun things like jumping through big hoops and over bars.



1. FrauTech - June 1, 2011

Gigadog is so cute…what’s that in her ears? And glad to see you are training her to be vicious to that terrible cow menace.


mareserinitatis - June 1, 2011

Those are bows! Aren’t they adorable?!

Yes…I’m sure that puppies are our last line of defense against plubber cows. 😀


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