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Summer days drifting away August 6, 2018

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Tonight, I was bringing my younger son to the first meeting of his high school career.  I made the comment:

They’re starting everything off with a meeting.  That’s good practice for adulthood.

I was only half kidding.  As I said it, I realized how true it is.  This week, I have a couple days of meetings.  Next week, I will be in meetings for about three days.  The week after that, you guessed it, more meetings.

And then school starts.  It hit me that summer is finished for me.

I am much more disappointed about this than I expected to be, I think primarily because I’m losing some of my last couple weeks to meetings.  I was finally starting to feel recovered from last spring (aka the semester from hell).

That being said, it was in some ways both a summer both full of accomplishments and satisfyingly lacking in productivity.  I managed to spend a lot of time with my kid, which I owed him because I was gone so much last spring.  I started to write another paper.  I developed a lot of plans for how to improve this coming semester, although just having less courses to teach will automatically help.  I took care of a ton of small administrative tasks that need doing but are just plain boring and time-consuming.

I also got a lot more sleep (that is, more than 5 hours a night), spent more time outside, traveled, talked with friends and family, watched birds, smelled flowers, made friends, took a quilting class, did some crafts, read some books, and made a mental effort to step away from work.

I almost feel ready to start back up again…but I still don’t feel ready to sit in meetings.


Academic Year Wrap-Up June 1, 2011

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Do you really need a test to tell I'm a cat?!

The boys have both finished up school, but they are both doing some academic work outside of school. They should both have that done by the end of June…but at least all the school-related craziness is done. (The CAT exam is for the younger boy, not the cat.) May is always so crazy because of all the running around to different end-of-year activities.

We had a good Memorial Day weekend…for the most part. I even managed to go into work and spend a whole day, uninterrupted, on dissertation work. Other stuff we did:

We spent some time with each other.

We spent some time getting to know Picopig.

We spent some time on our hobbies and shooting the breeze.

And the breeze shot back…at approximately 72 mph.  Fortunately, the swingset was our only major damage…a few friends still have no power.

And the big news from the weekend is that Gigadog passed her STAR Puppy exam.  Starting this week, she gets to join the next level obedience class where we get to do some fun things like jumping through big hoops and over bars.

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